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Check out these highlights from two STEM summer camps

Delaware Public Media profiled two summer STEM camps where kids in kindergarten through 8th grade are learning the basics of programming.

A student learning programming basics via Scratch. (Photo by Flickr user JJ Merelo, used under a Creative Commons license)

A la Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer. Well, unless you’re a primary-school student who wants to learn how to code.
Last week, Delaware Public Media profiled two summer STEM camps where kids in kindergarten through 8th grade are learning the basics of programming.

  1. Over at Delaware Technical Community College in Dover, elementary school students are acquiring the comprehension skills that coincide with writing an algorithm by planting lettuce seeds.
  2. And at the Independence School in Newark, middle schoolers are designing their own video games using platforms built on Javascript.

“It’s really important that we create a generation of scientists,” said Luke Rhine, the state’s director of career and technical education and STEM initiatives. “We need to take advantage of that natural curiosity. We need to foster a generation of kids who ask the question, ‘Why?'”
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