Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

3 technologists are compiling a list of the best companies for people of color

Seriously? Two percent, Facebook? This Brooklyn trio is trying to change things.

Catt Small, the brains behind the game.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

Having different opportunities and career possibilities based on your skin color is objectively wack and something people are working to correct. And here’s one way they’re doing that: A trio of people of color — Brooklyn Technologist of the Year Catt Small, Amelie Lamont and Jacky Alcine are building a list of the best places to work for people of color.
“We created this because we realized there was no resource about companies that are good for PoC in the tech industry to work at,” their announcement says. “It’s important for any PoC to feel safe and that they’ll be afforded the same opportunities as non-PoC, no matter what their role. Thanks for helping us create that resource.”
A recent New York Times article on the topic found that at Facebook “the share of Hispanic employees in the United States remained flat, at 4 percent, just as it did for blacks, at 2 percent, the company said in its report last week. In 2013, Facebook hired just seven black employees out of an overall increase of more than 1,200, according to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filing last year.”
So it’s time to do some work.

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