The Mill members offer virtual advice with this weekly video series - Delaware


The Mill members offer virtual advice with this weekly video series

"LIVE from The Mill" offers local content, from small business resources to high-tech explainers.

Dave Yeager talks virtual power plants.


A year ago, The Mill was an at-capacity coworking space in downtown Wilmington where freelancers, sole proprietors and remote workers (including this reporter) sat shoulder to shoulder at a long communal desk surrounded by small offices.

You’d think the coworking model would have been done for with the onset of COVID-19. Yet spaces like The Mill — now with two locations, as The Mill Concord finished coming together in mid-2020 — are holding on. A brand-new coworking space at CSC Station even launched in the fall.

There have been changes, of course: Social distancing means that communal space workers don’t share the same space in the same way, kitchen areas are less casual and masks are required when you’re not at your properly spaced work area.

Networking is still part of coworking membership, but in-person networking sessions and happy hours were not designed for social distancing and masks.

The Mill, which has always encouraged members to share knowledge and expertise, just started putting out weekly member videos called “LIVE from The Mill” featuring advice on everything from branding to resume advice to supporting nonprofit causes, and they’re really worth watching. These videos are free on YouTube, and give viewers a glimpse of The Mill as it operates now.

One of this week’s videos features Dave Yeager, a senior software engineer with Recurve Analytics, whose very timely work involves power grid data, and how virtual networks keep the electricity on. Yeager talks about virtual power plants, energy supply and demand, rolling blackouts and decarbonization.


The Mill founder Robert Herrera has also spoken up via a written post titled “The Blight of Small Business,” about what it will take for Delaware’s small businesses to recover.

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