As the election nears a call, social media puts a rare focus on Delaware - Delaware


As the election nears a call, social media puts a rare focus on Delaware

It's Nov. 6, 2020. What's the buzz on Delaware?

First State.

(Photo by Flickr user likeaduck, used under a Creative Commons license) (Photo illustration by Mo Manklang)

It’s a big day in Delaware, as the mail-in vote count this morning flipped Pennsylvania from red to blue — a state whose 20 electoral votes would put First State son Joe Biden at the 270 he needs to be projected as the 46th president-elect of the United States.

There was dancing in the streets in Philadelphia in anticipation of the official announcement of the final results after days of watching mail-in votes for Biden slowly overtake President Donald Trump’s early lead in the battlefield states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia (none of which Biden needed to prevail if he won Pennsylvania). Meanwhile, in Delaware, airspace over Wilmington was restricted and Secret Service security was stepped up.

As it starts to set in, Delaware, which is being beamed around the world from press corps set up in the parking lot of the Chase Center on the Riverfront, is becoming more of a curiosity than usual, and people are sharing their favorite “fun facts” about the state:

Washington Post political reporter and Delawarean Dave Weigel kicked off what became a thread full of more Delaware references than the Delaware subreddit, many referring to popular Delaware businesses (or, in the case of Happy Harry’s, former ones — though truthfully, a lot of us still call Walgreens Happy Harry’s, am I right?):

And, hey, maybe now Delaware will get the respect it deserves in the sandwich wars.

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