The Second Foundation podcast is launching a series diving into the minds of entrepreneurs - Delaware


The Second Foundation podcast is launching a series diving into the minds of entrepreneurs

"Family of Founders" features founders at all stages, both Delaware-based and from cities in other parts of the world.

Josh Simmons and Chris Boyle.

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The Delaware-based podcast The Second Foundation, founded in 2018 by Josh Simmons and Chris Boyle, has a new mini-series continuing their mission to help build better local entrepreneurship communities.

The series, “Family of Founders,” features interviews with founders at all stages.

“We’re trying to give our listeners, and ourselves, something to grab onto as we build our own things in life,” said Simmons, who with Boyle is also the cofounder of Newark-based digital firm CodeSpout.

The first two episodes slated for release will feature Kasai Guthrie, founder of Neggster, and John Vuong of Local SEO Search.

“We have always wanted to drive the podcast towards bringing founders together through founders interviews — that’s part of a larger mission that we have in all the things we do,” Simmons told “When you don’t come from a mature startup ecosystem, there are a lot of pockets of entrepreneurs. They would all gain tremendously from hearing each other’s experiences as well as the experiences of those from more established areas.”

Family of Founders is being recorded virtually, something The Second Foundation had not done prior to COVID-19.

“It definitely slowed down our progress in terms of recording and releasing some of these interviews. We put a hold on our guests while we figured things out,” Simmons said. “However, now that we’ve gotten a handle on virtual recordings we’re realizing we can actually have a much wider variety of guests. Our second guest, John, is from Toronto, and I can’t imagine not getting the chance to chat with him because he was too far away.”

What should listeners expect from the show, to start?

“We decided to have the first half of the year be a small crew of builders that would explain their thought processes,” he said. “We dubbed this part of the show ‘Getting your mind right’ as a sort of introduction to how to think like an entrepreneur.”


Simmons and Boyle have learned a lot, they say, since starting the podcast — both about local entrepreneurship from their growing list of guests, and about the process of podcasting and how it relates to entrepreneurship itself.

“We’re learning that building a podcast is not really so different than building a product,” Simmons said. “We want to engage with listeners and incorporate their feedback into the show, whether that’s suggestions on format or even requests for specific guests. We’re making sure that lines of communication are open between us and the listeners so that the content we produce is what people want to hear.”

Check out a sneak peek at Guthrie’s episode on CodeSpout’s podcast page, or via your preferred podcast streamer.

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