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Jun. 23, 2020 10:38 am

This Week in Jobs: Feel the heat radiating off these career opportunities

Plus: a fintech extravaganza!

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Editor’s note: Every week we ship an email newsletter featuring the region’s most exciting career opportunities. We’ve lovingly called it This Week in Jobs (aka TWIJ — “twidge”). Below is this week’s edition. Here’s the last one we published; it’s meant to live in your inbox. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Hot Child in the City

Did someone mess with the thermostat? Because great balls of fire, it’s hot in the Philly area.

At least it smells delightful. What would you call the scent of summer in Philadelphia? “Hot Garbage Lilac?” Elegant. We can already see the commercial replaying over and over again on Hulu. A beautiful lady in fine clothing walks up to your door with a twinkle in her eye. You meet her on your stoop, close your eyes and lean in for a kiss — and BAM, she whacks you square in the nose with a pile of old banana peels and days-old lunch meat. Mmmmm.

Anyhoo, you get it. It’s hot. Let’s fire up the AC and get to the jobs!

The News

Philly Tech Week 2020 presented by Comcast is going full virtual mode. The annual event will still represent “a true cross-section of this region’s innovation economy,” you just won’t need sunglasses or comfortable walking shoes to attend this year. And, bonus, virtual events will be taking place over the course of the months leading up to this year’s official Philly Tech Week 2020, which runs from Sept. 21 through 25. Register here and stay up to date on all things PTW20.


Here’s one bulb that’ll never go out. Created by Phil Brooks, the director of STEM workforce development at the University City Science Center, with funding from a Lenfest Foundation grant, BULB: Building an Understanding of Lab Basics, is a two-week, free virtual lab skills training program designed to arm Philadelphians with the skills and connections required for a STEM career. The first cohort will include 12 people. Peep more deets and apply here by June 29.

The Jobs

It’s a fintech extravaganza! People, this has never happened before — all of our featured jobs this week are with financial service firms and startups.

Wait, is this exciting? Maybe it’s just kinda cool. Or like, “hey, what a coincidence”-level cool. Or maybe we got carried away because we’ve written this newsletter for three years and genuinely think industry-themed job lists are awesome and we need to get out more. Hmm. Much to ponder.

Oh shoot, we just noticed this final one and it’s not in the fintech space. Guess we got all excited for nothing. Well, except we can still get excited about the actual job. Cause it’s pretty great and it’s not the jobs fault we overreacted:

Remote jobs:

The End

Well, we appreciate you joining us, friends. Hope you can find a little shade, and maybe some air freshener, this summer.

Happy job hunting.

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