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Mar. 10, 2020 1:07 pm

This Week in Jobs: Lose an hour, gain a job

Spring forward into a new role.

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A daylight saved is a daylight earned

If you woke up a little extra groggy this past weekend, you were reminded that it’s once again time for the part of the year when everyone simultaneously wonders, “Wait, why do we have daylight saving time?”

And while Philadelphians can rest easy knowing that Benjamin Franklin did NOT invent DST (as is often mistakenly rumored), that easy rest was cut short by an hour and we won’t get it back until fall. This may seem like a minor shift, but it can still have a noticeable effect on the mind and body.

So in these shifting times, keep a close eye on your health and get extra rest when you feel you need it (and maybe listen to ol’ Benny Frank when he suggests “early to bed, early to rise”).

The News

In a sprawling campus at the Navy Yard, URBN is building out the tech team for its new fashion subscription rental service Nuuly. Read on to find out the origins and vision behind the platform, and the challenges and opportunities in creating it. And be sure to check out URBN’s Culture Page to browse all its open roles.


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Lastly, with the cancellation of SXSW due to coronavirus, local organizations are responding with their own plans and reactions. While it’s still very early to gauge the full consequences of COVID-19, rapid responses and pivots like these are important steps to slow the spread.

The Jobs

Interested in a remote job?

The End

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to fill out our employment survey if we’ve helped you find a job, and if not, remember to check out the jobs board for more open roles.

Happy job hunting!

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