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Jan. 31, 2020 5:06 pm

Trellist spinoff company is leveraging its enterprise tech skills to serve motorsports niche

The Wilmington-based digital firm has just released the third in a trio of fan platforms that make up Andy Lally ALIVE.
A Wilmington/Philly firm is taking on the motorsports industry.

A Wilmington/Philly firm is taking on the motorsports industry.

(Photo by Garret Voight with Creative Commons license)

Trellist CEO David Atadan is a motorsports enthusiast who was frustrated with registration platforms that didn’t do what he wanted them to — and knew he could do better.

His son, Tommy Atadan, now a project manager at the Charlotte satellite for Trellist — a professional services firm headquartered in Wilmington with an office at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia — is also a motorsports enthusiast.

He’s also younger and less likely to be able to afford big events or enter major car shows. But he wanted to find other local enthusiasts to connect with as a community.

Those personal pain points became the catalyst to Trellist, leveraging its available skillsets in enterprise technology to cofound Andy Lally ALIVE with five-time Daytona 24 Hour race champion Andy Lally. The Trellist offshoot just recently launched the third of its core products.

Andy Lally and Dave Atadan. (Courtesy image)

ALIVE’s first two products were designed with the Atadans’ and other motorsports enthusiasts’ frustrations in mind: The first, Motorcrush, is a social app that connects communities all over the world. The second, Track Rabbit, consolidates motorsports events in North America for easy searching and registration.

The third gap they found in the market is one they’re hoping to fill with the third product, Awesome Joe Auctions, an online auto auction platform for motorsports enthusiasts.

ALIVE is part of Trellist’s twist on the agency model, said Tyler Holloway, who works in consulting and account leadership at Trellist.

“This has been the spark that has ignited our strategic growth plans,” he said. “[Atadan’s] vision for growth is to develop a family of companies with Trellist Inc. being the big umbrella, with the professional service firm and agency at the center with spokes coming out, [all] interrelated, ultimately driving profitability back into the parent.”


As an employee-shared company, that equity then distributes down everyone involved in the process, Holloway says. “I think, from the agency perspective, that is rather unique.”

Motorcrush, the first of the ALIVE family of platforms, launched in late 2016.

“It’s grown organically like wildfire,” Holloway said, not just as a venture, but as a part of Trellist’s company culture. “Our commitment is to provide our people with interesting work,” Holloway said. “If [employees] have a personal passion, we encourage them to peruse it. We’re leveraging personal passions and enthusiasm that people have for [motorsports] to ultimately lead to better output and a better result.”

Similar to Inc. Now, with its rowing culture, motorsports has become a part of the company’s culture.

“We’ve made merch and stickers and stuff [for ALIVE platforms] and it’s funny, you see our parking lot and people are putting them on their cars by their own choice, it’s not like it’s a company mandate,” Holloway said. “[Employees] are putting these stickers on their cars and signing up for the app and they’re wearing the t-shirt out on weekends, talking to their friends about it. It’s really something that has, to an extent, gone viral internally and is spreading externally now too.”

If that sounds like your kind of company culture, Trellist has a few job openings.

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