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This Week in Jobs: Winner winner chicken dinner

Plus a whole lotta jobs.

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Editor’s note: Every week we ship an email newsletter featuring the region’s most exciting career opportunities. We’ve lovingly called it This Week in Jobs (aka TWIJ — “twidge”). Below is this week’s edition. Here’s the last one we published; it’s meant to live in your inbox. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Survey says!

A hearty thank you to our email subscribers who took our survey last week. And also, to everyone who didn’t. We love all of our readers equally, unlike in some families where there’s a definite favorite child (right mom? It’s OK, I know. I’ve always known).

As promised, we are doling out 5,000 pennies to the survey taker with the best answer to why they should win a $50 giftcard and what they’d spend it on.

It was no easy feat to pick a winner, as answers ranged from the witty (“It’s after Labor Day and all I have are white pants”) to the selfless (“I don’t need the gift card. I just like filling out surveys”) and then to the cold, hard, honest truth (“tbh, I shouldn’t”). Powerful stuff.

Alas, we did it. We are excited to reveal that the winner of the $50 buckaroos is … bum ba da da dum: Kristin MacLaughlin!!

MacLaughlin told us, “I just started a new position at a company that I was introduced to at a event. I would buy doughnuts for my department.”

To us at TWIJ, there’s no better success story than helping our readers land a job at one of the many incredible companies across our tech scene. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

And doughnuts. It’s also all about doughnuts.

The News

James Kent — possibly related to Clark Kent but you’d never know since Superman got all of the attention — talked up Chariot Solution’s paid family leave benefits. In the software consultant developer’s interview with, Kent shares what other perks the tech consultancy has in place to allow professionals to grow and live balanced lives. Oh, and it’s hiring.


Hey Delawareans, it’s not Christmas yet, but here’s a big, juicy present for you.’s On the Market column just posted a list of the five standout jobs at five top tech companies in the state. Giddy up.

The Jobs

The whole shebang:

  • Hold onto your hats, job seekers: Fintech company Perpay is hiring too many exciting roles across departments and levels of experience to list in one tiny, adorable bullet point, so visit its jobs board to peruse the list (hint, click the “Jobs” tab).

Project management:





  • Greenlane Search Marketing in Eagleville, PA, has got its eyes on hiring an SEO Account Manager.



The End

Friendly reminder: We like to share the highlights of the best jobs on the scene each week, but there are often more roles at each company. If you find a company that sparks your interest, be sure to check out its company page (you’ll know it has one if its name is clickable) to learn all about the work it does, its culture and its full list of open roles.

Don’t be afraid to dig in and reach out — these companies want to hear from you!

See you next week, friends. Happy job hunting.

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