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Jul. 31, 2019 7:32 am

This Week in Jobs: Careers cooler than a Super Soaker

Floaties optional.

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“If a baby were president, there would be no taxes, there would be no war. There would be no … government and … things could get terrible. It actually, probably … it would be a better screenplay idea than a serious suggestion.”
— Michael Scott, “The Office”

Act your age (re: things not to do)

Hey there, friends!

It’s your weekly job hunting pal here (or nag, depending on your feelings about finding a new job), reminding you to stop whatever you’re doing right now, refresh your coffee or grab a Fla-Vor Ice Pop (depending on how much you’d rather be a kid right now) and take a looksie at this week’s hottest tech jobs on the market.


Awww shoot, why did we bring up ice pops? Now we’re gonna need to go Slip ‘N Slide-ing.

The News

The Philadelphia Inquirer is on the brink of a digital transformation and it’s on the hunt for technologists who are ready for an adventure. Not like a safari or a hiking adventure. More of an indoor, seated, digital adventure where you can create newsroom technology, platforms and products from scratch, and bring a legacy industry into the future. So, a mental adventure where you get to work comfortably in an air-conditioned environment. The best kind, really.

We’ve waited for a story like this since the 1993 classic, “The Sandlot.” And if you aren’t familiar with that good clean fun tale about a ragtag team of neighborhood kids that become baseball buddies, we will feel old. So just don’t tell us. Anyways, LeagueSide — a four-year-old adtech platform that helps youth sports leagues get regional and national sponsorships — has raised over $1.5 million so far and plans to hire eight more team members by the end of the year. Sure sounds like a home run for technologists who like sports! (Sorry.) Here’s the link to its career page.

The Jobs

Here are a few reasons why being a senior is great (and we ain’t talkin’ about the discounts):

Data scientists looking for their next science project:

Oh hey, even more engineering roles:

If you’ve got your head in the clouds:

Marketing folks, this way if you please:

And now for an “you don’t run across a job like this every day” alert:

  • The Motley Fool is seeking a Content Lead to own The Blueprint’s — its new software and business-focused website — editorial strategy.

If you like to work with the TV on, you might want to go remote:

Super Meetup!

If you’re looking to make some connections and more than a few job leads, get your booties to Super Meetup 2019. Delaware’s event is happening on Thursday, Aug. 1 in Wilmington (that’s in two days!), so don’t miss it — register here.

Philly’s Super Meetup event will be held on Thursday, Aug. 22, so yous/youse/youz guys go ahead and get a head start on registration here.

The End

Well pals, that’s it for this week. If you make it to Friday unscathed, be sure to treat yourselves to something the kid in you really wants. Like a root beer float. Or a Super Soaker. Or maybe just a nap. Yep, there it is … that’s the ticket.

See you next week!

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