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Jul. 23, 2019 7:45 am

This Week in Jobs: Here’s an extra shot of jobs for ya

Hold the foam.

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“Gotta love the ‘Bucks.’ It’s like a slang for Starbucks. They’re all over the place.”
— Michael Scott, “The Office”

I’ll take a triple espresso.

One of the lesser discussed perks in life is finding the perfect coffee shop to work from when you need to get out of the office.

It’s that special place where no one judges you for eating a third muffin. Where the soft murmur of ’90s hits wraps itself around you like a weighted safety blanket. And it has that perfect corner where you can fade away into a supple leather armchair as if you didn’t just accidentally Slack the coworker you were talking smack about instead of your friend.

On the other hand, maybe you just need a new job. And, hey, guess what? That’s pretty much the only purpose of this newsletter. So read on, friends.

The News

Linode Data Center Operations Manager Brett Kaplan just returned from a seven-month stint in Mumbai where he opened the open-source cloud hosting provider’s newest location. Other data center locations can be found from London to Tokyo, so if data and world culture is your jam, consider checking out Linode’s job openings.


Future Ms. President, right this way, please. Ready to Run Delaware is hosing nonpartisan political training for women interested in running for office. The program, held at Widener University Delaware Law School, is $100 and runs from Sept. 16 through Oct. 16.

The Jobs

You won’t need caffeine after you catch the natural buzz comin’ off these bad boys.

Like a mixed green salad of opportunity:

Looking for the Steven Spielberg of systems engineering:

Senior year, baby!

Guest list for an engineering party:

Work that pairs well with slippers:

See you IRL

A quick reminder that Super Meetup season is rapidly approaching! Be sure to sign up soon for the summer’s biggest celebration of the tech community. Register at the following links for Aug. 1 in WilmingtonAug. 8 in Baltimore; and Aug. 22 in Philly. D.C.’s Super Meetup has been postponed until September, with more details to follow. See you there!

The End

Thanks for joining us this week, folks! There are many, many more jobs up on our job board, which you can check out at your leisure, or in peak moments of stress — there’s no wrong time — right here.

See you next week, same place, same time.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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