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Jun. 11, 2019 2:25 pm

This Week in Jobs: Puns and puns of jobs

And also puns.

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“Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.”

— 99 Funniest Dad Jokes


Wink wink, nudge nudge

Next week we celebrate dads. But can we also spend some time marveling at the phenomenon that as soon as some men become fathers, their brains appear to automatically download an endless queue of dad jokes?

For those unfamiliar, you know you’ve heard a dad joke when the following happens:

  1. A pun has been made. Something so cheesy you can’t help but feel kinda grate.
  2. An eye roll is triggered. You cover your face with your hands, shake your head in disbelief and moan at the floor, “Daaaaaad … no.”
  3. A person you were trying to impress magically appears just in time to hear said joke. Now your friends or, worse, your boss can see the genetics you’ve inherited and how red your face can get. Double whammy.

Admittedly, this has very little to do with tech jobs. However, if laughter is the best medicine, then perhaps this list of dad jokes can relieve the stress of the job hunt.

Now go get ‘em, kiddo!

The News

Tomorrow’s the big day! INTER/VIEW 2019, the social impact jobs fair developed by our sister publication Generocity (presented by the Public Health Management Corporation) is an informal event featuring mission-oriented companies on the lookout for talent. The event takes place at PHMC on Wednesday, June 12, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Register and get all of the event details here.

Speaking of events, Super Meetup is about to go down this summer in a city near you. Just like it sounds, Super Meetup is a place where all the tech-related meetups in the city get together to form one giant meetup. Kinda like the Godzilla of meetups, in that it’s bigger than life, but without all the rage and destruction.

You’re up first, Delaware. RSVP to this FREE event in Wilmington at this link.

Keep your job, thank the bots. During Philly Tech Week 2019, Accenture Labs — hiring at its Philly branch — led a panel discussing its view on artificial intelligence, and how its true power is harnessed when working with humans, not by replacing them. This is great news for the careers in the industry, but as a general rule, let’s always remember to be nice to the bots just in case. That way if they do take over one day, they’ll keep you on the payroll.

The Jobs

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was out standing in his field!”

Haha, classic. Find your field below!






Work in those jammies you love so much:

  • A digital marketing and analytics enterprise located “78 meters from the beach” in Sydney, Australia is looking for a Remote Sales Assistant. Reach out and say g’day. But don’t mock the accent. Have some respect, will ya?
  • Thinkful, where students can take online courses to become skilled software developers, is hiring a Remote Web Dev Instructor.
  • Whitespectre is looking for a Remote Lead iOS Engineer

Hot Tip!

Job fairs (like INTER/VIEW) are not only great opportunities to connect with several potential employers at once — they’re also a chance to help yourself stand out by showcasing your soft skills. Many companies now prioritize being a personality and culture fit over specific technical knowledge, and chatting face-to-face is the best way to prove you’ve got the right attitude. Also, job fairs often have bonus perks — at INTER/VIEW, you’ll have the opportunity to have your headshot taken, resume reviewed by PHMC, and can apply for consideration in our Matchmaking program.

The End

This year, consider foregoing golf clubs, La-Z-Boys and mini fridges filled with Bud Light. Have a pun-off and give dad a taste of his own medicine. Odds are, he’ll love that even more.

Have a great week! See you next time.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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