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How does Delaware Twitter feel about #Biden2020?

A Twitter roundup of Delawareans reacting to Biden's 2020 run: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Joe Biden at Fortune Brainstorm Health 2017.

(Photo by Flickr user Brainstorm Health, used under a Creative Commons license)

Delaware loves Joe Biden. At least that’s what they say. And generally, it’s pretty much true, not least of all because so many people in Delaware have met “Uncle Joe,” served him as a customer, have seen him in person or just plain know him and his family.

The First State is also a very blue state. We have an all-Democrat lineup of representatives on U.S. Congress. Our three electoral votes have invariably gone to the Democratic candidate in the past seven presidential elections. The 2020 Presidential Election is highly unlikely to bring about different results, with President Donald Trump’s popularity at an abysmal -14 according to Morning Consult’s polling in the state.

That means Biden, who officially announced his candidacy on Thursday, would certainly win Delaware’s vote – if he were to become the nominee. That will be the bigger hurdle.

We searched Twitter for reactions from Delawareans to Biden’s announcement. What we found was definitely not an anonymous “Delaware loves Joe” chant. While some tweets certainly have that dynamic, others seemed less than thrilled.

Some are encouraged by the announcement.

Some are already tired:

Biden’s opposition to school desegregation in the 1970s has been haunting him lately, with one article in particular making its way into our timelines:

Delawareans’ deep phobia of public schools has persisted, long after the desegregation plan was dismantled. Some blame Biden for it:

Some shower him with love:

Others, not so much…

Biden’s biggest potential foil? Delaware Dems who are looking for a less old-school candidate:

What do you think about Biden for President? Go ahead and @ us on Twitter.

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