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Oct. 29, 2018 11:18 am

5 totally unscientific reasons why Delaware rooted for the Dodgers

Just another reason to love Delaware.

Tastes like freedom.

(Image by SportsBetting.ag)

As per the usual, in Delaware we march to our own drumbeat.

So when online betting site Sportsbetting.ag used Twitter data to find which states rooted for the Boston Red Sox and which for the LA Dodgers during the World Series, it was pretty on-brand that Delaware was an outlier.

According to the data, every state in the country except California, Nevada, Hawaii and Delaware rooted for the Red Sox (which clenched the championship on Sunday night, in a five-game saga.)

Peep the East Coast: Delaware is a tiny speck of blue in a sea of red.

And sure, Twitter data isn’t exactly conclusive, but these results are pretty fun, especially because Twitter is now baffled by Delaware’s apparent refusal to toe the line.


California is obviously Dodgers Country. Nevada too. Hawaii is in the Pacific, kinda makes sense. But… Delaware? Even New York is rooting for the Red Sox, for crying out loud.

A Boston.com piece on the data cites trends analyst Ryan Taylor – who worked on the map for the betting site –  saying Delaware is “home to many Baltimore Orioles fans, which might mean is a large chunk of people who want to see a division rival get beat.”

Anyway, here are five totally unscientific reasons why Delaware is rooting for The Dodgers:

5. There’s a Caesar Rodney Elementary School in Brooklyn, so, close enough.

4. It’s the Blue Hens. Enough said.

3. Still mad Massachusetts likes to act like its the first state or something.

2. The Dodgers’ uniforms kinda look like the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ uniforms.

And the number one reason Delaware is rooting for the Dodgers:

1. Delaware refuses to be colored red on a map.

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