The biggest party in DE tech is just 2 weeks away. Get tickets now - Delaware


Oct. 27, 2017 12:56 pm

The biggest party in DE tech is just 2 weeks away. Get tickets now

If you've been to one of our Delaware Innovation Week celebrations, you know we don't play. This year, at The Mill, won't be any different.

(Image by Jeanette Lloyd)

Wow, we’re approaching the third annual Delaware Innovation Week and it never fails to impress me.

I’ve been a part of DIW for three years now. One year as the Events team intern, helping where I could, and last year as a full-timer working closely with Delaware’s community of event producers. This will be my third year organizing and first year producing’s Delaware Innovation Awards.

(Editor’s note: Voting closes soon, so get to it! Here are the nominees. Vote now.)

Many people still feel intimidated by DIW events. Sure, you might not enjoy Dev Talks unless you’re an experienced developer, but this is one of the most inclusive and welcoming communities I’ve ever personally been a part of. It’ll cost you nothing (tickets are free) to find this out for yourself, thanks to our generous #DIW17 sponsors.

Still not sure? While Delaware Innovation Week consists of over 20 events (and I’m confident there’s something for everyone), the annual Innovation Celebration is the best place to be, regardless of why you want to check it out. It’s our biggest event of the week and one that pulls together our six tracks: Business, Dev, Sciences, Media and Marketing, Access and Civic.

It’s on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $20 now or $30 at the door.

Get tickets ($20)

Interested in meeting some cool people?

  • There will be more than 100 attendees.
  • Delaware Innovation Week’s partners and community organizers will be there. These are some impressive individuals and organizations that you’ll want to know. See our full partner list here.
  • Competitors from the HipHoponomics rap competition will be there showing off their econ rhyming skills. It ain’t easy — check out this example of a rap about an economics topic by Delaware’s own MC Greg Caskey.

Looking for jobs, partnerships and networking opportunities? 


Want to bring out your inner kid? 

Just want to party? (Same, tbh.)

  • We’re crowdsourcing the playlist of songs for the night right here and there’s always dancing by the end of the night — the crew lives for it. Add your jams to #thepeoplesplaylist.
  • Grab a beer straight from The Mill’s tap. Of course they pour Dogfish Head — yum.
  • On top of some delicious food and drinks from our fabulous caterer, Caffe Gelato, get some free snacks from Kind and stay hydrated all night with Sparkling Ice.

There are a few more surprises in store, but we hope you’ll join us in celebrating on Thursday, Nov. 9, at the #DIW17 Innovation Celebration!

Alexandria Leggett

Alexandria Leggett started with as an Events Intern before being hired on full-time as Events Coordinator. While pursuing a broadcasting career she quickly realized that her hosting ability wasn't limited to one field. Previously, she worked as a wedding coordinator and designer. The Philadelphia native hosts dinner parties and develops recipes when she's not in the office (ask about her salted caramel apple pie). A planner since adolescence, she can recall event details from as far back as her 7th birthday party.


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