This Zip Code alum is teaching a JavaScript workshop for Girl Develop It - Delaware


Jun. 22, 2017 9:07 am

This Zip Code alum is teaching a JavaScript workshop for Girl Develop It

If this isn't a success story about Wilmington's growing dev ecosystem, we don't know what is. Meet Jocelyn Harper.
Dev jobs are in high demand.

Dev jobs are in high demand.

(Photo by Flickr user Ana GR, used under a Creative Commons license)

Girl Develop It Wilmington is hosting an “Intro to JavaScript” workshop June 26–28 at 1313 Innovation.

The cost of the three-day course is $80 and it is open to everyone, not just women.


Zip Code Wilmington alum Jocelyn Harper said she was excited when the organization asked her to teach the intro course, because it was a way for her to give back and inspire other women interested in technology.

“I want people, especially women, to know they don’t have to go through traditional means, like a two-year or four-year college to have a career in this industry,” she said. “There’s this stigma that in order to be successful, you have to go to college. But all you really need is initiative and a passion for tech.”

Harper, who works as a software developer for JPMorgan Chase, shared her journey into tech with us. See below for the full convo.

### Delaware: When did you first realize you were interested in coding?

Jocelyn Harper: When I first got the internet, back in the AOL days, I used to make these one-page websites. I taught myself html doing that.

TD: How did you get involved with Zip Code Wilmington?

JH: I was working at a company in southern Delaware as an office manager/receptionist for three years. I realized there was no place for me to go there, other than that position. A friend of mine noticed I was unhappy at my job and told me to apply for Zip Code.

TD: If you could have a dream job in technology, what would it be?

JH: It would definitely involve coding. I want to be able to solve problems and code myself. But, I also want to be an advocate for women in tech.

TD: What is some advice you would give to young women looking to enter the tech industry?

JH: Be focused. Realize what your goal is for yourself early on and don’t deviate from that path. Also, get a mentor. They are essential.



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