Fintech Cafe organizer Steven Aller is stepping down - Delaware


Jun. 14, 2017 12:58 pm

Fintech Cafe organizer Steven Aller is stepping down

Aller tells he needs to dedicate more time to his new role at JPMorgan Chase.

Safwan Zaheer (left), Bob Savino and Steven Aller at the first meeting of Fintech Cafe.

(Photo by Megan Anthony)

Wilmington bankers Steven Aller and Safwan Zaheer started Fintech Cafe in 2015, as a way to spark innovation in the banking industry in Wilmington. The duo hoped the group would give those in the industry a voice and platform for to share innovative ideas and collaborate on solutions.

“We realized at the time that even though there are all these banks in Wilmington, there were relatively few Fintech startups and no related meetups in the area,” Aller said via email. “With all the banking talent in the area Wilmington is a sleeping giant and could, with the right encouragement, be a major Fintech hub. It is also much more affordable than NYC or The Bay Area.”

Now, after nearly two and a half years, Aller is stepping down from his role as organizer of Wilmington’s only fintech meetup.

Although he will still be a member of the group, his new role at JPMorgan Chase, helping the firm develop fintech capabilities, does not allow him the necessary time to dedicate to meetup, he said.

What does this change mean for Fintech Cafe? Aller is currently searching for someone to fill the organizer role, and he has a few tips for those interested in taking over the position.

“The new leader should be welcoming to people of all backgrounds and career paths and have enough time and energy to organize regular in person meetings,” he said.

Looking back on his time as Fintech Cafe’s leader, he said his favorite memory is from the group’s inaugural event. “Having Bob Savino from Moven talk about mobile banking was a highlight,” Aller┬ásaid.



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