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May 18, 2017 10:36 am

These Delaware teachers are helping students spot fake news

Local teachers want to stop fake news from infecting their students, Newsworks reported.

Local teachers are helping students spot fake news.

(Photo by Flickr user Chris Tanner, used under a Creative Commons license)

Can you spot fake news? Thanks to President Donald Trump, the term, used to describe the spreading of misinformation through traditional media channels as well as a way for those in power to question the credibility of news sources that report stories they disagree with, has gained popularity. According to an article by Newsworks, local high school and college educators have taken on the task of teaching their students how to spot fake news.


“As young citizens, they need to learn where their news is coming from, what is credible, so they can make informed political decisions,” Conrad Schools of Science teacher Leigh Weldin said. “Because they are our future. They are ones who are going to be part of the elections. They are going to be the ones writing public policy. I want to teach them skills right now.”

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