Meet one of The Barn's rising young star designers - Delaware


Mar. 7, 2017 10:49 am

Meet one of The Barn’s rising young star designers

UD senior Katy Dowling helped design this fun Uncle Joe poster for Dew Point Brewing.

Dowling helped design this for Dew Point Brewing.

(Courtesy image)

“I love it. I didn’t think I’d like it this much. I don’t know where I saw myself, but I never really saw myself behind a desk,” Katy Dowling told us.

Dowling, a senior majoring in visual communications from the University of Delaware, is talking about her current gig at The Barn. She’s working in a freelance role as a designer. The Barn President and Creative Director Nick Matarese told us that she’s “super talented.”

The Barn is a Wilmington-based creative sports branding agency, and they’ve had their hand in design work for pro hockey teams, ADIDAS swimwear sites and Dew Point Brewing. Matarese is one of the partners at the new brewery.

Joe Biden Brew Dew Point

Katy Dowling worked on this design for Dew Point Brewing. (Courtesy image)

Dowling’s played a role in a lot of the work The Barn’s done lately, like a poster the team did for Dew Point Brewing and its Welcome Back Joe Brew. She particularly liked that project. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a self-proclaimed beer snob (us too, don’t worry).


That beer snobbery is also part of how Dowling landed the gig. Matarese mentioned Dew Point in the intern-seeking note he sent to UD’s Visual Communications Department, and the program lead knew she’d be a great fit.

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