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Feb. 17, 2017 12:01 pm

Hey fledgling founders, here’s how to help yourselves get some help

This survey that will help UD and the Delaware Small Business Development Center identify gaps in resources for Delaware startups.

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Founders often argue they lack support from the public sector. And private sector funders. And sometimes philanthropy. Sometimes, they’re right.

That said, here’s how young business owners can help themselves get some much-deserved support from government: A brief 11-question survey from the University of Delaware’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship and the Delaware Small Business Development Center.

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Founders with businesses under two-years old can take the survey. Perfect for some of the companies that made our inaugural realLIST.

The survey will help the university develop a federally-funded curriculum for addressing gaps in resources that are available for Delaware startups.

Tony Abraham

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