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Feb. 16, 2017 11:33 am

Here’s how Linden Hill Elementary is participating in Digital Learning Day

Each teacher at the elementary school will be implementing a new technology into their lesson plan.

Linden Hill Elementary students watch a 3D printer at work during a class.

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Digital Learning Day (DLD) is just around the cornerAcross the state on Feb. 23, teachers can join in on this national celebration of technology in education through a tweet-a-thon aimed at sharing education news and innovative teaching techniques. Some schools, such as Linden Hill Elementary in Pike Creek, have decided to go beyond just a Twitter chat.

We emailed Linden Hill technology and computer specialist Dr. Yanaka Bernal and fifth grade teacher Kristen Palma to ask how the elementary school will change its daily routine in recognition of DLD and what good can come from the continued implementation of new technologies in classrooms. 


What do you at Linden Hill do to celebrate DLD?

At Linden Hill Elementary School, we are encouraging our teachers to integrate one new instructional technology tool into their day. We are providing support through an extra set of hands, planning resources and student leader teams. Fifth grade student leader teams are also creating interactive math games to play with younger grade levels on the SMART Board. Teachers can sign up for a time for the fifth graders to visit and play the game with their class.  

Why is this an important event?

Computers and digital resources are not going away. Our job as educators is to prepare our students for success, and we know that computers are going to be a part of their future. From coding to typing to blended learning lessons, we try to offer our students learning experiences that integrate technology. Teachers are a huge part of that realization, so Digital Learning Day is a great way to encourage innovation. We are really proud of the ambitious projects that some of the teachers are ready to try!


Can you tell us about a few of those projects your teachers want to try out?

One teacher wants his students to be able to screencast something that they know how to do on their Chromebooks. Another teacher wants to help her students create “book trailers,” like a movie trailer. Another teacher wants her kindergarteners to type [instead of hand write] stories.

Why is it necessary to implement more technology in Delaware schools?

Delaware is known as a haven for corporations. We would love for every one of our students to have the tools these businesses need to compete on a global level. Our students are amazing and we want to make sure that they are prepared to be successful in a rapidly growing digital world. If we don’t step up and innovate, we are not servicing Delaware’s greater good. We have to commend the Red Clay Consolidated School District for moving to a One to One program and thank our community for supporting this essential initiative. In the end, we all benefit.

Phyllis Spencer

Phyllis Spencer is a senior at the University of Delaware studying political communication and journalism. She likes to spend her free time shooting sporting clays and fervently following her Minnesota hometown teams, the Vikings, Twins and Wild.


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