Can we look forward to more Biden appearances in the First State? - Delaware


Can we look forward to more Biden appearances in the First State?

Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden will be attending an event at University of Delaware tomorrow morning.

The University of Delaware campus.

(Photo by Flickr user Mathieu Plourde, used under a Creative Commons license)

Recently, Vice President Joe Biden became a hot topic in the meme community with #bidenmemes. We also told you about his ice cream habit (for the record, we never found out what his favorite ice cream flavor was). Biden was also spotted at Rehoboth Beach celebrating his birthday with his signature aviator sunglasses on.

Biden does seem to be making more appearances in Delaware as of late. He’s also been rumored to have a growing interest in startups.

One thing is for certain, The First State would love to have Biden back.

So what is Biden actually up to? Well, while he’s not doing burnouts with his Corvette Stingray, he’s getting involved with events at his alma mater, the University of Delaware. That’s right, Uncle Joe is coming back to Delaware for a day to attend the inauguration of UD’s newest and 28th president, Dennis Assanis, tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Thompson Theater.

Perhaps this is a sign of more Biden appearances to come in the First State?

UD’s Director of External Relations Andrea Boyle didn’t have more information to disclose when we reached out to her about Biden at UD.

“Vice President Biden is one of our most distinguished alumni, and we are always excited to talk with him about potential connections and partnerships,” she said. “At the moment, there are no further details to share.”


But maybe it’s just because he hasn’t moved out of the White House yet.

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