NYC social monetization startup Veepio now has a Delaware footprint - Delaware


NYC social monetization startup Veepio now has a Delaware footprint

CEO Jonathan Ohliger is from Newark and wanted to move his family back to his home state.

Veepio CEO Jonathan Ohliger at Tech2gether 2016.

(Photo by Anthony Maher via Twitter)

Man, that’s a great pair of shoes your friend is wearing in that Instagram picture. Where did she get them? Imagine being able to simply tap on the screen and find out. Or, better yet, find a place to buy them. Instantly. What if your friend could get a referral fee from the vendor too? That’s what Veepio sees as the future of social media, sharing cool stuff and getting paid for it. Their tagline is, “Post anything. Tag anything. Get paid for everything.”

And now the startup has a footprint in Delaware.

Last week at Tech2gether, Veepio’s CEO Jonathan Ohliger announced that he had moved a part of his company’s operations from New York to Delaware. The connection? Well, he’s from Newark and wanted to move his family back home to the First State. Ohliger is now living in Wilmington, while the rest of his team is between New York and West Virginia.

The company was born with the help of Ohliger’s alma mater, West Virginia University, which explains why the current core team is from WVU. The University’s multispectral imagery lab specializes in biometric scanning and digital recognition software, which was instrumental in building Veepio’s initial stages. (The company reminds us of Curalate, the visual marketing company in Philadelphia that also uses image recognition technology.)

What does the future of the company look like? Well, as far as staffing, Ohliger is interested in expanding his company’s operations in Wilmington, specifically out of coworking space The Mill. He said he’s eying candidates from Zip Code Wilmington’s current cohort but has not yet made an offer.

“I think Zip Code in general is a goldmine,” he said.

Ohliger doesn’t just view the platform as an app, but describes it as a software development kit (SDK). He wants to make it possible for any app to integrate the product recognition and ecommerce technology.

As far as app development goes, the platform currently only supports photo. The point is to develop “technology [that] allows a seamless transition from a social feed to an ecommerce experience,” he said.


“I’m excited to do this back home in Delaware,” said Ohliger.

Interested to see it work for yourself? Check it out in the App Store.

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