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Nov. 14, 2016 12:29 pm

Our top 20 #bidenmemes will leave you in stitches ?

Vice President Joe Biden has been the latest subject of the meme community.

Vice President Joe Biden with his wife, Jill Biden.

(Photo by Flickr user Medill DC, used under a Creative Commons license)

You’re probably familiar with everyone’s favorite Delawarean, Vice President Joe Biden. You’ve probably heard a few people talk about how they live “right down the street” from Biden, based on the fact that they live in Greenville alone. Everyone wants to be associated with him. His daughter was also recently sighted last weekend during Delaware Innovation Week 2016 at Startup Weekend, where she served as a judge.

When Biden’s not funding cancer research, well, he’s the subject of many a meme that have recently flooded the internet as a result of the national election’s outcome.

Below are a number of our favorite memes that contain totally unrealistic renderings of how Biden will be taking the transition of power in the White House:

That one time Biden wanted to assert his views on LGBTQ rights:

That one time Biden told ghost stories:

That one time Biden was concerned about cybersecurity:

That one time Biden tried to come to terms with the end of his term:

That one time Biden made a fist:

That one time Biden set up a treasure hunt:

That one time Biden watched Home Alone:

That one time Biden got crafty:

That other time Biden got crafty:

That one time Biden got nostalgic looking through his Instagram feed (just like the rest of us):

That one time Biden wanted Mexican food:

That one time Biden had fun with office supplies:

That other time Biden had fun with office supplies:

That one time you let Biden unbag the groceries:

That one time Biden messed with the keyboards:

That one time Biden realized how much he’ll miss working with president Obama:

Or that one time Biden started coming around to the idea of a new president in the White House:

Feeling inspired to make your own? Go for it! Here are a few #bidenmemes generators to get you started, don’t forget to tag @technicallyDE in your work so we can see it.

Rana Fayez

Rana Fayez was Technical.ly Delaware's lead reporter. She was previously business reporter and digital editor for the Delaware Business Times. In 2015, she won two awards from the Delaware Press Association for her coverage on consumer retail trends and technology news. When not storytelling, she's volunteering or making music.


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