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Nov. 3, 2015 11:51 am

What people thought of TEDxWilmington

Testimonials from speakers and attendees were overwhelmingly positive.

The TEDxWilmington stage.

(Photo by Megan Anthony)

Last Wednesday, World Cafe Live at the Queen held 29 speakers and a sold-out crowd of over 100 people for this year’s TEDxWilmington.

So how’d it go?

Margaret O’Dwyer, attendee and founder of the Delaware Youth Leadership Network, told us:

What I found most fascinating about the TEDxWilmington speakers was the incredible breadth and depth of their knowledge base and experiences. From physician to author, minister to military interrogator, librarian to scientist, each provided a unique perspective to share with the attendees. They are all true pioneers and innovators in their respective fields.

Mac Nagaswami, founder of Carvertise and speaker at the event, said:

It was an honor to be invited to speak and definitely nerve racking. The event was so well executed and the speakers’ topics were so profound, there there is no doubt it was a great experience for everyone who attended.

TEDxWilmington was held at the Queen.

TEDxWilmington was held at the Queen. (Photo by Megan Anthony)

According to another speaker, it’s not just about the opportunity but the experience and the people involved. Linda Farquhar of entreDonovan said:

I hold TEDx in such high esteem. It was an incredible honor to have been invited to do a talk. In preparing the talk, I learned some things about my own topic and myself. I didn’t have a full appreciation for the TEDxWilmington community and I was so impressed, not just by the speakers but by the audience and volunteers — people who are so interested in being exposed to new ideas that they get involved on some level. My favorite two were an 8th-grade boy named Trip and his mom, Donna, who both volunteered for the event. They made themselves available to help out in the evening for rehearsals and for the day of the event. The young man had such amazing insights about the speakers’ talks that it’s clear to me he’ll be doing his own TEDx talk one day. I could tell he got his talent and intellectual curiosity from his mom. A side benefit of doing the TEDx talk was getting to know folks like Trip and Donna.

Another speaker and member of 1313 Innovation, Nick Gianoulis, founder of The Fun Dept., enjoyed speaking at the event so much so that he’s volunteer to help next year and find speakers, too.

Another attendee, Jessica Ruggieri truly summed up my own experience with the event when she wrote, “I really left the event realizing how many people put time and energy into birthing a passion of theirs & making it a reality that will ultimately help other individuals or communities.”


Megan Anthony

Megan Anthony is the community manager of Wilmington's 1313 Innovation. The graduate of Temple University previously worked at financial services firm J.G. Wentworth and Philadelphia's Pyramid Club.


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