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Oct. 21, 2015 11:16 am

5 Zip Code Wilmington students are building an app for TEDxWilmington

The students started building the app after meeting TEDxWilmington organizers at the last Delaware Tech Meetup. The app is set to launch next week.
Zip Code Wilmington students.

Zip Code Wilmington students.

(Courtesy photo)

Tariq Hook is more than pleased to see his JavaScript students at Zip Code Wilmington using their new skill sets to build tools for the community. Now halfway through their 12-week course, the students are beginning to splinter off into pods to pursue passion projects.

One of those squads — Dawn Milnamow, Gregory FurlongAlex Brown, Wayne Hansen and Gabriel Humphrey — are building an app for TEDxWilmington, taking place at The Queen at the end of the month.

They started working on the app almost immediately after meeting TEDxWilmington organizers Ajit George and Rhianon Hussman at September’s Delaware Tech Meetup. Hook had put out a call at the event for local organizations to take advantage of the students’ flashy new programming chops, and TEDxWilmington organizers listened.

Led by Hansen, the students built an event app that shows users the current list of speakers, various places to catch a bite around Wilmington and the YouTube videos TEDxWilmington currently has on its channel. The app will launch in Apple and Android stores next week. The best part? It’s recyclable.

“There’s no reason this should just be for this conference,” said Furlong. “This is something [TEDxWilmington] can reuse in the future.”


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