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May 7, 2019 10:07 am

This Week in Jobs: Homecomings, strikeouts and suspensions

Trust us: It won’t be as bad as it sounds!

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Enjoy the Ride

D.C. readers, your commute may get tougher than usual this week as rideshare drivers are planning to strike on Wednesday (as if your way to/from work needs any extra drama or time delays). You should start preparing for alternative travels now; check out the Metro’s bus and train schedules, for instance. But wait … don’t forget that the Metro will start suspending train services in Virginia at the end of this month. Yikes! Looks like you’ll need to start planning your summer commutes now! How are your scooter-riding skills? Can you run to work?


Luckily, there is so much growth in tech jobs across the area that you opt to search for jobs that reduce your commute.

If you want to make an even bigger difference in the rideshare industry, check out the local jobs from the MetroUber and Lyft, including this Strategic Operations Manager gig with Uber.

The News

We love a good lesson learned from a seasoned pro, and LawIQ’s CTO Terry McGregor shares some valuable gems about building a business in tech in a guest post. If you are a developer with an entrepreneurial mindset, we think you will particularly enjoy this one. While McGregor discusses mistakes in building a data acquisition system, the principles mentioned can be applied to almost anything, especially in the startup world. This one is a really good morning read with coffee, or during your metro commute. While you’re at it, check out LawIQ’s list of job openings here.

Cybersecurity has been in the DMV for quite some time, but as the industry gets more innovative, the need for exceptional talent is increasing. We spoke with leaders in the field to give you the 18 cybersecurity terms to learn, which will help you speak your way into this growing space. Definitely bookmark this article and use it as a resource when applying, networking and interviewing. Let us know how you use “known exploits” and “ransomware” in a sentence.

Now that you have those 18 terms in your back pocket, check out how Baltimore is strengthening its pipeline of talent between students, startups and government within cybersecurity. With a potential increased budget of over $17.4 billion in federal cybersecurity funding, there is no doubt that growth is on the horizon. There are over 15 companies in the industry mentioned, so you have at least 15 shots at landing an opportunity! Here’s one opening we found pretty cool: Terbium Labs is looking for a Sr. Product Manager.

Full disclosure: We got a little hungry reading this story — maybe because there are mentions of KrogerPizza Hut and “have their cake and eat it too.” Grab a snack and read about how Arlington-based Divvycloud is successfully growing by helping these brands and others manage their cloud infrastructure. Announcing a $19 million Series B round, Divvycloud is setting roots in the area and setting themselves up as a best-in-class software company. Take a look at its jobs to see if you’d be a good fit for the growing team.

The Jobs

A recent study shows that a family of four needs approximately $105,000 to live “modestly” in the D.C. metro area. What do you think? With a job in tech, you may be able to achieve those numbers single-handedly! It’s definitely worth the try. You can always check sites like Glassdoor to help you understand typical salaries for these jobs below.



  • Vectorworks Inc. is looking for a Python Engineer with a strong background in Linux to join its team.
  • Here’s a chance to work for one of The Baltimore Sun’s Top Workplaces! 14 West is hiring a Sr. Software Engineer with apache experience.
  • Creative technologists should take a look at SmartLogic’s opening for a Product Designer.
  • Experienced engineers with the ability to obtain a security clearance may be a fit for Asymmetrik’s Front End Developer.


  • The Motley Fool is looking for a passionate Content Lead with an interest and experience in startup environments.
  • Divvycloud is hiring a Sr. Product Manager with cloud experience to join its team.


As a DMV resident, you are used to traffic woes, and the ups and downs of public transportation. But, with the summer metro shutdown in Virginia starting in May, you might want to check out some of the remote positions below:

The End

In three of the 19 battles this season, the Philadelphia Phillies gave quite a welcome as the Washington Nationals faced them in a three-game series. The outcome was certainly not what we wanted here in Nats town, but since we love our fam in Philly, we’ll save the sports talk for another newsletter. Well, maybe just one thing … come on home, Bryce Harper!

Another homecoming to note is Tyrion’s sail back to King’s Landing on Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones.” We won’t do too much spoiling, but let’s just say they needed bigger boats and we hope his fate is much better than the Nats over the weekend.

No matter which homecoming we discuss, Beyoncé had the best “Homecoming” ever. EVER! All facts.

Whether home, or away, you can access our job listings anytime. We look forward to sharing our next newsletter next week! Until then, stay winning!

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