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Aug. 24, 2018 8:33 am

Need marketing help for your startup? SUEGO can lend a hand

The consultancy from Steven A. Rodriguez wants to use content to “mobilize the mindset and culture of entrepreneurship.”
Steven A. Rodriguez (center) is the founder of SUEGO.

Steven A. Rodriguez (center) is the founder of SUEGO.

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SUEGO is a content platform that provides digital marketing services to businesses. The company focuses on “potential and current entrepreneurs, teachers, students and anyone interested in learning,” according to its website.

The content platform started when founder Steven A. Rodriguez partnered with a different organization to provide technical assistance in the digital marketing realm.

“The three main problems I hear from entrepreneurs is that they need help with either marketing, sales or finance,” Rodriguez said. “That’s why I decided to focus in on marketing on my end.”

Rodriguez described SUEGO as a “one-stop shop” of various resources to introduce people to entrepreneurship. #FoundersRising, the company’s first campaign initiative, will focus on spotlighting the underdogs of the startup community, and not just in tech.

“Our focus has been tech enablement. So we focus on tech but we also focus on traditional entrepreneurship and traditional businesses,” Rodriguez said. “If we want to be diverse and inclusive, then we definitely don’t want to just focus on tech.”

When naming the company, Rodriguez, was inspired by a report from Lexicon Branding, the branding company that named Dasani water, in which he followed that same model and came up with SUEGO.

Rodriguez, says the company is here to help the community do three things: “Get Inspired. Learn. Participate.” The content platform is broken down into these three divisions that offer distinct resources.

Under the “inspiration” division, you will be able to find interviews, talks and conferences from entrepreneurs who are deeply embedded and knowledgeable of the startup community. Curated content for all types of founders and entrepreneurs can be found under the “learning” division. And lastly, the “community” division focuses on promoting events and entrepreneurship programs happening in the D.C. area.

SUEGO will officially launch later this year, but for updates be on the look out at DC Startup Week and Global Entrepreneurship Week.


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