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Oct. 4, 2017 12:24 pm

This DC startup has a tool to help digital teams collaborate

Sympli applies the capabilities of document management for designers and devs.

At a DC Tech Meetup.

(Photo by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier)

Perhaps the most widely-known collaborative real time editing system is GoogleDocs, which allows users to work on a project together, see what changes have been made by others and manage various versions of the same document. JIRA is another product management tool that helps software designers to manage and share different versions of their product. Now, the Washington D.C.–based  Sympli is looking to provide a similar tool for visual designers and devs making digital products.

Max Ignatyev, the founder and CTO of Sympli explained at DC Tech Meetup’s demo on September 26 that the web and mobile app was designed because product design is by nature collaborative, and the team saw an opportunity to eliminate the need to send many versions of the same project back and forth. The platform that they have built is easy to use and allows users to work in Sketch or Photoshop using a very visual format. Users start by creating an initial design in Sketch or Photoshop, and then upload it to Sympli’s app to start collaborating with other team members.

When designers are in the app they can look at the latest version of the program and see which of their teammates have changed aspects of the design (moving the title, for example, or changing its color). There is also an option for collaborators to resolve conflicts that may occur when team members have differing opinions on what to do about a design element.    

Simpli has a tiered payment system, where all accounts allow unlimited collaborators and archived products. However the number of active projects that teams can work on at one time increases with each tier, and customers that purchase higher level packages will also receive team management or an account representative dedicated to their team. If you would like to try out Sympli, their website also offers a free trial.




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