Get the rundown on securing data and devices at this weekend workshop - DC


Aug. 9, 2017 8:51 am

Get the rundown on securing data and devices at this weekend workshop

Two-factor authentication, passwords and IoT are on the agenda for the digital security training. The free event is set for August 12 at Georgetown Law School.

Security first.

(Photo by Flickr user, used under a Creative Commons license)

Plenty of incidents provide reminders of the need to secure information. A workshop this weekend is offering a primer on the options available to keep devices and data on lock.

The August 12 event at the Georgetown Law School’s Eric E. Hotung International Law Building features workshops and talks on digital security.

“At this training we’ll go over why digital security is important and cover the gamut of tools and techniques available (from easy to hard, novice to expert, various devices and operating systems, and known trade-offs),” organizers said in an email.

Experts will go over passwords and two-factor identification, as well as how to secure messaging and browsing. One session will also focus on Internet of Things. Bring a device, and a notebook.

The free event is being organized by ACLU DC,  DC Legal Hackers and Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy. The sessions start at noon.



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