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May 11, 2017 10:29 am

What happens to your social media after you die?

Discuss, at this upcoming event.

But what will happen to my Twitter!?


As our online personas become ever more important facets of our IRL personas, both professionally and personally, one question becomes ever-more important — what happens to our online selves after we die? All your data (Facebook messages, online shopping accounts, etc.) won’t just disappear (at least not at the moment), but what will become of it?

In 2015 Facebook instituted a “legacy contact” function to deal with this precise issue, but there still isn’t one central way to deal with ones online persona in the afterlife. What’s the digital equivalent of a will?

In this atmosphere, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority is gathering a panel of local technologists to discuss the digital afterlife.

  • Pantea Stevenson, a corporate transactional attorney with Bean Kinney & Korman, and Ahmed Bouzid, CEO of Witlingo, will speak and Zak Kidd, cofounder of SwingSpace will moderate.

The evening event will be held on May 18 at WeWork in Tysons Corner and is (an early) part of Fairfax Social Media Week, which will happen in September.

“Expect the discussion to include groundbreaking research, chatbox technology and ways to ensure that your digital personality might rest in peace,” organizers write. RSVP here to join in. Have more than a few thoughts on this topic? Organizers are still looking for speakers to join the panel — reach out.




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