Google is trying to quantify the work it does for local businesses - DC


Google is trying to quantify the work it does for local businesses

The search giant's Economic Impact report came out today, and #dctech's very own UrbanStems provides a nice local case study.


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If you’ve got a business, it probably has a website. And if your business has a website, people probably find it through Google — search and advertising.

The search engine giant set about quantifying this impact with its annual Economic Impact report. The report for 2016 was released on Wednesday. It includes overall statistics for Google’s impact across the U.S., as well as individual reports for each of the 50 states and D.C.

The D.C. report includes a few interesting stats (including the $2.23 billion in economic activity that Google “helped provide” in 2016) but focuses mainly on the story of how one D.C. business uses Google’s tools. And that business, wouldn’t ya know it, is #dctech flower delivery favorite UrbanStems.

How does UrbanStems use Google?

“Digital marketing comprises 80 percent of the company’s marketing budget, and it’s yielding major results,” the report states. “AdWords, Google’s advertising program, helps UrbanStems attract customers in an already crowded industry, while Google Analytics gives laser focus to their online campaigns.”

“Those tools are really important for understanding the granular details of our customers’ behaviors and making data-driven decisions to scale our business,” UrbanStems CMO Lauren Bates told Google.

And UrbanStems isn’t the only one — Google says 5,700 D.C. businesses, publishers and nonprofits benefitted in some way from using AdWords or AdSense in 2016.

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