Help bring VR to outer space at this upcoming hackathon - DC


Apr. 20, 2017 7:48 am

Help bring VR to outer space at this upcoming hackathon

The NASA Space Apps Challenge is back.

Space, the final frontier.

(Photo by Flickr user NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, used under a Creative Commons license)

NASA’s annual Space Apps Challenge is back for a second year in the D.C. area, and this year the theme is “earth.” Here in D.C. the organizing crew is taking this theme to new heights with a specific focus on augmented and virtual reality.

Yes, this is a hackathon that will combine both virtual reality and space. Whoaaaaa.

“How will you use AR and VR to experience NASA science data and technology in new ways?” organizers ask. Quite frankly, we’re curious too.

The global challenge takes place April 29 and 30 this year. D.C.’s edition will be cohosted by the noted local VR enthusiasts at NotionTheory and by ByteCubed. Hackathon attendees will converge on ByteCubed’s cool Crystal City offices to play around with a range of challenges categories, seeking at every turn to consider “how augmented, mixed, and virtual reality can find new ways to visualize and engage with Earth Science data.”

Want to hack for earth, and space and science?

Find more information, and RSVP, here.

Last year was the first time the NASA Space Apps Challenge came to the D.C. area. Globally, the event saw 15,000 participants in over 160 events across 6 continents, organizers say.



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