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Jan. 9, 2017 12:35 pm

Quorum Analytics partners with Leidos to increase presence on Capitol Hill

The gov IT vendor will now sell Quorum to its clients on the Hill and beyond.

The Capitol.

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Political data startup Quorum Analytics announced on Monday that it has partnered with Leidos, a leading Capitol Hill IT vendor, to increase its presence in the offices of our legislators here in D.C. and around the country.

Reston, Va.-based Leidos, which sells a “Citizen Relationship Management” platform (yes, there is such a thing) called IQ, will now begin selling access to Quorum’s database of legislative information as well. The Hill broke the news.

According to the report in The Hill, Leidos’ platform is used in about 60 percent of Capitol Hill’s offices, making this strategic partnership a valuable opportunity for Quorum. “We’re thrilled to work with the Leidos team,” Alex Wirth, cofounder of Quorum, said in a statement. “Quorum will continue to provide elected officials access to the most comprehensive database of legislative information. With a new Congress and several state legislative sessions right around the corner, the timing of this partnership couldn’t be more exciting.”

“This new partnership will provide increased exposure and the opportunity for Quorum to be used by more elected officials across the country,” a press release declares.


Read more about what Quorum does in our profile from 2015.

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