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Dec. 12, 2016 11:33 am

Here’s what it sounds like when DC presses ‘Play’

This according to a new map of what cities listen to, from Spotify.

Explore musical tastes around the world with this map from Spotify.


D.C. is a unique city. Yes, there are 1,000 net new residents per month (according to the government) and yes, a lot of those new transplants are young, well-educated and well-paid. They also hail from all over — both nationally and internationally.

So given this, what’s D.C.’s taste in music?

Fittingly, it’s definitely eclectic — pop band Cheat Codes, local (and, sadly, recently deceased) rapper Swipey and Maggie Rogers all take top spots. These insights into the sound of the District come from streaming service Spotify, which recently released a map of music that’s distinctive to cities around the world. Distinctive, according to Spotify, means “songs that are enjoyed there disproportionately a lot relative to in other places.”

See the map

The company’s Musical Map of the World 2.0 allows users to explore cities and countries by the music they listen to and was built using software from Brooklyn-based mapping company CARTO. CARTO, recall, recently announced its expansion to the DMV region. Our sister site, Brooklyn, wrote about what the borough listens to here.

Organizations: Carto


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