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Steve Case wants you to help edit his book

The entrepreneur and investor is crowdsourcing edits for “The Third Wave” through Medium. Early results are mixed.

Investor Steve Case is a national voice on local tech markets.

(Photo courtesy of the Case Foundation)

D.C.’s resident first-wave founder (AOL), investor (Revolution) and regional enthusiast (Rise of the Rest) wants your help editing his book.

That’s right — Steve Case is┬ásoliciting edits to and additions on a chapter of The Third Wave, aiming to include some when the paperback version of the book is released next spring. And the method of solicitation? Crowdsourcing through Medium.

According to a press contact, this is the first time an author has “actively crowdsourced edits” through the platform. So why’s he doing this? “As I stated in my book,” Case writes, “‘if you want to go far in the Third Wave, you must go together.’ In that same spirit, I want to collaborate with you.”

The chapter (called “America Disrupted”) is published in full here, preceded by a note from Case:

I will be reading all of your responses and highlighting my favorites through my social media channels. If your edit is picked for inclusion in the book, your name will be listed in the afterword of the paperback edition.

So there you have it. That’s the offer.

The early response is, as one might expect from the internet, mixed. Some are legitimately offering edits, however small:




While others seem skeptical of his motives or downright displeased:




Well then.

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