Help these DC panels get to SXSW 2017 - DC


Aug. 23, 2016 11:02 am

Help these DC panels get to SXSW 2017

You've got until Sept. 2 to get your votes in for one or more of these broad-ranging panels.

These panels are headed to Austin — with your help, that is.

(Photo by Flickr user Stuart Seeger, used under a Creative Commons license)

March in Austin may seem like a long way away, but panel submissions for SXSW 2017 have been made and posted to PanelPicker and it’s time for the public vote!

A bunch of D.C.-originated panels are among the thousands awaiting votes — panels organized by D.C.-based organizations or featuring D.C.-based panelists. We at are working to round up a complete list so you can show the #dctech and creative communities some love. To vote for a panel, simply create a PanelPicker account and then register your interest via the thumbs up or thumbs down figures in the top left corner of the page.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

1. Data People Must Become Organizational Militants
Panelist: Paul Koch, senior digital analyst at Falls Church, Va.-based design and engineering firm Viget.

2. The Value of Sticking: A Case for Commitment
Panelist: Brian Williams, CEO of Viget.

3. The Future of Virtual Reality and the Browser
Panelist: Zach Robbins, senior digital analyst at Viget.

4. Make Data Visualizations. Better.
Panelist: Mitchell Daniels, digital analyst at Viget.

5. The Complete Guide to Acquiring Students Online
Panelist: Albert Wavering, digital analyst at Viget.

6. Why is Content Marketing a good idea?
Panelist: Ben Travis, marketing manager at Viget.

7. User Memory Design: Experiences That Stick
Panelist: Curt Arledge, UX designer at Viget.

8. What JavaScript Everywhere Really Looks Like
Speakers: Lawson Kurtz and Nate Hunzaker, Viget.


9. I Am Not a Dev: A Software Primer for All of Us
Speakers: Josh Korr and Lawson Kurtz, Viget.

10. Beer Taps, Brooches & the Tales of Hardware Stunts
Speakers: Ben Eckerson and Justin Sinichko, Viget.

11. Intro to Connected Devices
Speakers: Elias Fatsi and Justin Sinichko, Viget.

12. How Tech Companies Can Give Back to Communities
Speakers include, among others, Gary Shapiro, the president and CEO of Arlington-based Consumer Technology Association.

13. Five Use-Cases Defining VR and Mixed Reality
Speakers include Shawn Dubravac of the Consumer Technology Association.

14. Embracing Tech Innovation in the NBA
Speakers include Jeff Joseph of the Consumer Technology Association and Zachary Leonsis of D.C’s Monumental Sports Network (also Ted Leonsis’ son). The panel is organized by Rachel Horn, director of thought leadership at the Consumer Technology Association.

15. Unlocking Technology for People with Disabilities
This panel is also organized by Horn (see above).

16. Perspectives on Effective Enterprise Innovation
Speakers include Faith Davis, founder and director of innovation and tech at DAF Technologies. Davis is also the organizer on this panel.

17. Is It 1995 Again?
Speakers include, among others, Everdeen Mason, audience editor at the Washington Post.

18. When Public Education Data Isn’t Really Public
Panelist: Lindsey Cook, data editor at U.S. News & World Report.

19. Overcoming School Funding Inequality
Speakers include Lauren Camera, education reporter at U.S. News & World Report and Michael Bennet, a U.S. senator from Colorado. The panel is organized by Lucy Lyons, director of communications and PR at U.S. News.

20. Leverage the TED platform to amplify student voice
Speakers include Alicia Lane, a TED-Ed “innovative educator” at D.C. Public Schools.

21. Being Human: How Personal Stories Change the World
Speakers include David Litt, head writer at Funny or Die in D.C. (also former speech writer for POTUS). The panel is organized by Kristin Hume, director of brand and marketing at D.C.-based Atlantic Media Strategies.

22. When Should My Data Become the Government’s Data?
Speakers include Rachel Wolbers, legislative director at the boutique government relations firm TwinLogic Strategies.  Kevin Casey, the firm’s legislative manager, is organizing.

23. Weaving Together Tech, Fashion and Congress
Speakers include Elizabeth Frazee, also at TwinLogic Strategies. This one is also organized by Casey.

24. AI & Deep Learning Tech – Are We Ready
Speakers include Chani Wiggins of TwinLogic Strategies.

25. FinTech, Public Policy and a Consumer Driven World
Speakers include Sarah Dumont-Merchak, TwinLogic Strategies.

26. Follow the Minerals: Conflict Minerals in Tech
A final panel organized by TwinLogic Strategies — speakers include firm director Alyssa Betz.

27. How to Kardashian Your Way Out of a Crisis
Speakers include Arika Pierce and Maria Perrin, principal and cofounder, respectively, of the D.C.-based public affairs consulting firm Gide.


Here’s where you come in (besides voting) — what panels did we miss?

This list is great, but we’d like it to be even greater. Tweet us, email us or comment below. The options may be many, but together we can catch ’em all.

And hey, if you also like Philadelphia for some reason, check these out.

Organizations: Viget, SXSW


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