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Jul. 27, 2016 12:14 pm

ICX Media wants to make it easier for video ‘creators’ to build an empire

So you're big on YouTube but suck at Facebook? ICX Media wants to raise your social media game with video distribution and analytics on a single platform.
A scene from VidCon, the convention for online video creators.

A scene from VidCon, the convention for online video creators.

(Photo by Flickr user kevin, used under a Creative Commons license)

The proliferation of social media has ushered in a whole new way to get famous — not through contacts with traditional media gatekeepers but though hard work, grit and a lot of charisma. Stories abound about young, social media-savvy Vine, Snapchat or YouTube stars who have risen to great heights of “followers” and “engagement.”

You might notice, though, that most of these stars tend to focus on a single platform. There are a couple reasons for this — including the fact that each platform is significantly different. Stars tend to perfect their delivery and audience outreach for one, and largely stick to that.

But beyond this, it’s also true that even mastering a single platform is a lot of work. Often there just aren’t enough hours in a day to be a leading YouTube personality while holding down a solid Facebook presence.

A new D.C. startup, however, wants to help. Meet ICX Media.

ICX Media, based on K Street, is working to create a platform for distribution and analytics across a variety of specific social media sites. According to a recent press release, independent creators can use ICX Media to “manage, distribute and market their video content across multiple distribution and social media channels, and access valuable data and insights to help them make more money for their work.”

ICX Media also hopes to help connect traditional media brands to these independent creators by streamlining the sourcing process.

“At its core, ICX Media is democratizing content,” Tom MacIsaac, a founding member of the ICX Media board, said in a statement.

And this is a compelling idea — in March the company announced its $2.5 million seed round, and earlier this month it opened up a public beta. ICX Media also recently announced a partnership with VUBIQUITY that will allow ICX Media creators to utilize VUBIQUITY’s distribution services.


“Our mission is to empower content creators by providing them with a single platform to access dozens of distribution and marketing channels, services and applications,” ICX Media CEO Michael Avon said in a statement announcing the partnership. “Our relationship with VUBIQUITY is a significant step towards that goal.”

In conversation with Technical.ly Avon stated that while video content traffic is growing, creating a great opportunity for creators, these creators also need to be increasingly savvy about finding and diversifying their audiences. ICX Media hopes to make this easier than ever before.

ICX Media boasts a team with experience in the media and marketing space — three of the four cofounders, including Avon, worked together at the Baltimore-based Millennial Media before the company was acquired by AOL.

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People: Michael Avon
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