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May 23, 2016 12:31 pm

What’s up with 1776 and Dubai, anyway?

Cofounder Evan Burfield explains in his own words.
Why 1776 is betting on Dubai.

Why 1776 is betting on Dubai.

(Photo by Flickr user Francisco Anzola, used under a Creative Commons license)

While 1776 is D.C.-based, the incubator and seed fund isn’t even close to hiding its global ambitions. These ambitions were further confirmed when, it April, 1776 announced its first international expansion.

As you’re probably aware by now, 1776’s inaugural international location will be in Dubai, at the city’s Museum of the Future. But why Dubai? In an initial Washington Business Journal interview, 1776 cofounder and co-CEO Evan Burfield called the city a “gateway to global markets.” Now, in a blog post published last week, he’s expanding on what his company sees in this particular city.

In a nutshell, it seems, it is Dubai’s “dedication to leading the future” that has captured Burfield’s attention. “The future,” in this context, means Dubai’s goal to become the “the world’s most sustainable smart city” by 2050. It means 3D-printed buildings and solar power and interest in working with private-sector partners for social good.

This first international expansion is a big deal for 1776, itself only a three-year-old endeavor. So it’s interesting to hear why Burfield is betting on Dubai — read on here for more of his reasoning.


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