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Feb. 9, 2016 11:59 am

Where Hillary and Jeb are raising money, mapped

The Sunlight Foundation recently broke down where Hillary and Jeb (and their respective families) are holding fundraisers.

A heatmap of where Hillary and Jeb have been raising campaign cash.

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When it comes to holding fundraisers, not all presidential candidates are created equal.

This according to a new report from the Sunlight Foundation, in which the organization has visualized the fundraising efforts of the Clinton and Bush campaigns based off data from their Political Party Time database.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have both surpassed their respective competition when it comes to sheer number of fundraisers. They’ve also just covered a lot of ground — and they’ve done so with a little help from their families. Despite some political sensitivity toward the idea of having yet another Clinton or Bush in the White House, both candidates have come to depend on the fundraising efforts of their politically savvy next of kin.

Here are some key stats from the report:

  • The Clinton campaign has thrown a total of 290 fundraisers for 2016, and the candidate herself has been present at 201 of them. Bill and Chelsea, together, have managed 72 events.
  • Bush, meanwhile, has thrown 156 fundraisers and attended 110 of them. And Jeb’s no longer shy of his family name — other Bush family members including Jeb’s brother, sons and parents have attended 29 fundraisers for his campaign.
  • New York (with 72 total fundraisers so far) is the most popular state to have a fundraiser in, but the other “ATM States” — California, Florida and Texas are also up there.
  • New York City, perhaps no surprise based on the bullet above, is the most popular city for fundraisers.

You can read the full report here.

The most popular states and cities for fundraising by the Bush and Clinton campaigns.

The most popular states and cities for fundraising by the Bush and Clinton campaigns. (Chart via Sunlight Foundation)


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