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Jun. 17, 2015 7:56 am

Jonathon Perrelli’s new smart water bottle knows when you need vitamins

Reston-based LifeFuels is a smartphone-connected water bottle that automatically fills up with nutrient-infused mixes.
LifeFuels’ first model of its smart nutrition water bottle.

LifeFuels' first model of its smart nutrition water bottle.

(Courtesy photo)

Reston, Va.-based LifeFuels, the latest startup from local funder Jonathon Perrelli, is adding something new to the mix of fitness apps and contraptions: a smart water bottle.

The smart bottle is connected to a free mobile app that tracks the user’s exercise routine and identifies her dietary needs.

Refills called FuelPods are then called on to dispense brightly colored gushes of vitamins and nutrients into the water.

“The LifeFuels system uses intuitive products and concepts to smartly automate and track the missing piece: what we put into our bodies,” said Perrelli, the company’s CEO, in a press release.

Earlier this month AOL cofounder Steve Case, another local investor, wrote in a Re/code op-ed that he didn’t see “engineered superfood” as a smart investment.

“The future of food is not a powder mixed with water to create an engineered superfood,” he wrote, dismissing the powder made by Solyent. “The future of food is food.”

But for Perrelli, the LifeFuels bottle has a bright future.

“We’re fundamentally changing the way people consume everything from water enhancers to energy drinks, nutritional supplements, strength training formulas, and weight-loss products,” he said in the release.

LifeFuels has partnered with other dietary fitness companies to ensure that drinkers can ease into this new feeding routine. Those include Natural Stacks, EBOOST, H2wOw, Boku Super Food and Baby Booster.

The bottles and one batch of refills cost $99, and are purchasable on the company’s website.


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