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We’re always looking for new voices to chronicle how technology is changing Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Our definition of tech and innovation is broad. Think: startups, open data, internet activism, curious uses of social media. We’re open. But there has to be a tie to one of our markets — we’re passionate about what’s local. (If you’re not based in any of those regions, we also accept guest posts about tech scenes across the world.)

We’re looking for both reported stories (paid) and guest posts and opinion pieces from community leaders (not paid).

We’re particularly passionate about amplifying the voices of women, people of color and other underrepresented folks, so if that’s you, please reach out, even if you haven’t contributed professionally before.

Pitch us your ideas or just drop us a line letting us know you’re interested in writing for us and we’ll be in touch. We also publish sponsored content (check out some examples here), so let us know if you’re interested in that, too.

Here’s a look the different kinds of reported stories we run.

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Here’s a look at the kinds of guest posts we run.

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A hater’s response: Why I can’t get down with Klip Collective’s installation at Bok [Technical.ly Philly]
Here are 5 ways Allovue is trying to make its staff more diverse [Technical.ly Baltimore]
A day in the life of an indie game designer before he ships his latest game [Technical.ly Delaware]

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