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The BizEquity solution allows professional business advisors to quickly develop accurate and comprehensive business valuation assessments for business owners. Financial advisors, accountants, business coaches, insurance agents, and bankers use BizEquity’s online solution and data to deliver greater value to their clients, generate additional revenue, enhance their professional credibility, and identify prospective clients. Customized business valuation reports, access to data on millions of privately-owned businesses, and expert support help professional advisors to effectively leverage the BizEquity solution to enhance their practice. The BizEquity solution is more comprehensive than simple business valuation calculators that rely only on tax return data or “rules of thumb.” And in contrast to reports prepared by business valuation specialty firms, assessments can be prepared more quickly, less expensively, and more transparently. Developed and supported by experts with first-hand experience, BizEquity is working with more than 850 leading professional advisory firms in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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