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How can a company stay healthy this year?

For Startup Health Month, we asked our Talent companies how they’re addressing challenges in 2022. Remote work, flexibility and culture building are top of mind for these hiring managers.

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Like personal health, a company’s health has to be actively monitored and maintained.

This effort can be complicated by external factors — for example, it’s difficult to exercise regularly if you don’t have a lot of spare time, just as it’s difficult to stay up on the latest trends in hiring within a constantly shifting talent landscape.

There’s no doubt these are especially challenging times, and following a year of pandemic pivots, business continuity planning, growth after failure and economic signs of progress, a fresh slate of issues awaits us in 2022. How organizations address these challenges will determine how healthy they stay throughout the year, and there’s no better time to proactively look ahead to plan for what’s next.

For the month of January,’s reporting has explored the theme of Startup Health for our editorial calendar. For some additional perspectives, we asked our Talent companies the following question:

What is a challenge your org is facing in 2022, and how is the company addressing it?

Here are some replies from their hiring teams, and if you like what you see, follow the links to companies’ Culture Pages to learn more and explore open roles.


“The biggest challenge we are facing at the start of 2022 is finding a balance between building our culture while competing for talent in a remote world. We have introduced a fully remote work option and are keeping Tuesdays and Thursdays as flexible in-office days so that we can host company team building events, collaborate with each other, conduct training and onboarding and hold in-person meetings as needed. Our goal is to attract talent only seeking remote positions while providing opportunities for individuals who are craving company social interaction to come together.”

Think Company

“Because of the way our work has evolved over the past two years, most of Think Company’s new team members are living across the United States and working remotely while our company HQ remains in Philadelphia. Naturally, this is changing the way we collaborate, interact and hire new people. We’ve been focused on reframing what company culture means to us in a more permanent distributed environment, and we’re exploring new ways to approach employee retention and provide incentives in a highly competitive hiring environment.”



“In the ever-changing world of remote work, we continue to find learning opportunities surrounding the technical tools we use and cyber security threats,” said Dustin Bodily, director of IT at the clean energy tech company. “By bringing the human touch to technology, we’re able to create an environment that is open to learning, new ideas and communication. Our company will continue to focus on improving our security platforms, streamline workflows, education and seek out innovative solutions.”

The Tactile Group

“Tactile, like so many organizations, is facing the largest challenge in how fast moving and competitive the hiring market is right now. We’ve adapted by making sure we are highlighting all the things outside of salary that we offer (comprehensive and generous benefits/PTO, remote work abilities, a focus on inclusion, operationalized empathy). We also have some great partners in recruitment, a large pool of subcontractors, and are always looking at how we can define and refine the value that we’d provide to potential new hires. With that though, we strive to ensure salary parity and make sure that our current staff feels supported and valued. It is critical to not be so focused on the new team members that you risk alienating the longstanding team.”


Rob Frieman, executive director of engineering at the fashion retail company, said, “URBN is an organization full of creative people driven to deliver great experiences for our customers. On our engineering teams, we know that delivering great digital experiences often means leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks at the best performance. Working near the edge means keeping our skills current and finding new tools to help our teams continue to grow and develop their skillsets. One of the ways we’re tackling that this year is through our investment in a learning management platform, developing and using learning paths and curricula our teams can explore at their own pace. We already have teams that learn on the job, we want to help give them tools to organize and align relevant skills development with their career development. Together we want to keep building an environment where learning and innovation go hand in hand.”


Ready to face your next challenge? Check out all the Talent companies here, and one of them may have a healthy new job opportunity for you.

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