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How this growing Maryland startup is helping businesses tame the cloud

As seemingly everything moves to the cloud, the team at is helping to make sure it runs effectively, efficiently and securely — and having a good time doing it.

Members of the team. (Courtesy photo)

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The thing about clouds is they tend to float away.

Same, too, for their tech equivalent: What starts as managing a few dozen cloud accounts can suddenly mushroom into a few hundred accounts, all with a dizzying array of cloud-based services.

That can be a good thing: it probably means businesses are seeing value from their cloud investments. But it can also come with tens of thousands of dollars in surprise expenses — not to mention any number of security vulnerabilities. That’s why CEO Brian Price and his team launched

The expert cloud wranglers call their platform a “governance solution,” but it’s much more than that: the Fulton-based team members say it’s their mission to make people’s lives easier in the cloud by automating many of the tasks a growing or even established business may need to effectively and efficiently manage its cloud resources. The solution delivers account management, budget enforcement, and continuous compliance capabilities across multiple public cloud providers.

This culture of helping others, and especially serving as a friendly guide to what can be an overwhelming new area of tech, is also threaded through’s own workplace environment. Employees from development to product design to solutions delivery rave about’s supportive and engaged atmosphere, the sharp sense of purpose, the feeling of collaboration without competition and the passion for crafting a product that’s increasingly  in-demand. Plus, there’s no shortage of ready opportunities for on-the-job learning — and a few more fun extracurriculars, too, like cooking lessons and more.

“When we started, we really wanted to be an employee-centric company,” COO John Lynch said. “So not just build an amazing product, but make it so everyone can build an amazing career. Ten, twenty years from now, when people look back at, I would love it if everybody could think of it as the best job they ever had or the best work experience they ever had. If we can use this as the basis for making decisions, then we know we’re going in the right direction.”

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