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How these tech companies maintain culture during high-growth phases

Insights from, SmartLogic and The Tactile Group. employees on a team outing.

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When a company is growing rapidly, its culture can change at a similar pace. Hiring a bunch of new employees in a short period of time can risk that culture becoming diluted without careful intent and structure. And since company culture informs and influences employee experience and efficiency, it can be crucial to keep a close eye on culture during high-growth phases.

For the month of March,’s reporting has explored the theme of Growth Companies for our editorial calendar. For some additional perspectives, we asked our Talent Pros — many of them growth companies themselves — the following question:

How has your organization maintained (or how does it plan to maintain) culture during high-growth phases?

Here are some of their replies, and if you like what you see, follow the links to companies’ Culture Pages to learn more and apply to open roles.


Over the past year we’ve grown and gone fully remote; we now have team members in 10 states, which to us just underscores the importance of keeping a focus on team culture. If anything, it’s harder to maintain culture with a fully distributed team.

It’s critical to make sure that there is time and space dedicated to culture so that you can take a thoughtful approach and support organic ideas as they arise. Here are a couple of ways we try to make space for maintaining and growing our team culture:

  • Weekly all-hands meeting with a well-curated agenda
  • Monthly virtual “happy hours” with reimbursement for food and drinks
  • Culture committee meets on a monthly basis and makes recommendations; membership changes every three months
  • Small group intro meetings (no more than three people) with new employees so that everyone gets to meet each new team member
  • Company support (time, resources, money) for community engagement projects that our team is passionate about, like Baltimore Tracks and our upcoming Elixir Wizards |> Conference

Many organizations evaluate candidates on if they will be a good fit in your company’s culture — instead of looking for culture fit, cloudtamer looks for culture add. Your culture is going to change and grow as you grow your company, the company’s role is to set the framework for the culture to operate within. As your culture changes and matures, figure out how to embrace it!


The Tactile Group

At The Tactile Group, we pride ourselves on being a team of hardworking, creative professionals who are able to self-direct with tasks and relate to coworkers with camaraderie and clients with thoughtfulness.  Considerations for culture add are an important part of our hiring and strategic growth process. We look for candidates, business partners, and clients who not only align with our culture and motto (Designed to Give A Damn) but also can help us purposefully continue to expand what our culture means in the work environment.


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