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This map of Delaware snow plow routes during Winter Storm Jonas is good for a chuckle

A journalist tries his hand at civic hacking and the results are quite endearing.

Have a laugh. (Screenshot) Editor-in-Chief Zack Seward learned how to code last year at New York Code + Design Academy in Philadelphia. That’s when he made Dude, Where’s My Snow Plow?
We just found out about it.
It was supposed to be a thing that used some open data sets to┬átrack the┬ároutes Delaware Department of Transportation snow plows were on during last year’s Winter Storm Jonas.
But, like, the buttons don’t even work. To be honest, we’re not even sure we know what we’re looking at. Where do the routes begin and end? Why are there different colors? Are they supposed to represent routes taken by each plow? Maybe we’d know if the buttons worked.
Anyway. Here’s the Github repo. We thought it would be fun to throw this at folks such as, say, Open Data Delaware. If only for a laugh. Or inspiration for a collabo? Make sure to send complaints re: abuse of craft (or tips on how to make this thing work) to @zackseward.


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