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Sonia Petruse and Austin Seraphin are making braille street art for this election project

The voter engagement project is in the home stretch of its $15,000 Kickstarter campaign.

Austin Seraphin and Sonia Petruse accept the Visual Artist of the Year Award at the Philly Geek Awards 2013. (Photo by Clever Girl Photography)

The mission: get Philadelphians engaged in the voting process through street art.
Next Stop: Democracy! is a Knight Foundation-backed collaboration between street art photographer Conrad Benner and digital agency Here’s My Chance, and lots of artists in the tech scene are getting involved.
Most recently, the project added to itsĀ roster of artistsĀ Sonia Petruse and Austin Seraphin, who make braille street art (Seraphin was the Geek Award’s 2013 Visual Artist of the Year), and Indy Hall Arts head (and startup-space muralist) Sean Martorana.
They’re raising $15,000 to pay for wooden frames built by the Sculpture Gym’s Darla Jackson and have raised nearly $10,000 so far.
The campaign’s about to end, so if you want to pitch in, hop to it.
Support by Aug. 8

People: Darla Jackson / Austin Seraphin / Sonia Petruse / Conrad Benner / Sean Martorana

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