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Brooklyn Tech Triangle wants 1-2M sq. feet more of tech office space

Tucker Reed thinks some Brooklyn companies could rival current tech giants one day soon.

Photo by Brady Dale.

Tucker Reed sees a future in which some of Brooklyn’s star companies, like Etsy and MakerBot, become culture shaping brands, on par with Amazon and Microsoft.

That said, if any company that’s already big in today’s economy wants to find space in Brooklyn, he’s listening. That’s how he tells it in an interview with him in The Commercial Observer.

Reed is the president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, the nonprofit economic development group he joined a year ago. (Reed will also be featured at our upcoming and sold-out State of Brooklyn Startups at the DUMBO Startup Lab.)

Some highlights:

  • Office space vacancy in Downtown Brooklyn is around 5 percent. That’s half of what it was a few years ago.
  • Reed opted not to make a wish list of companies he’d like to see in Brooklyn, because he didn’t see it as his place to try to pick winners.
  •  Reed wants a 24/7 community in the borough. One key ingredient for that, he believes, would be more dorm space for the borough’s college students.
  • The Brooklyn Tech Triangle has a goal of reaching 4 million square feet of space devoted to creative and technological endeavors. Reed projects that they have attained somewhere between two and three million square feet already.
  • He sees a future in a Brooklyn centric component to NYC’s transit infrastructure.
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