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With a full year's calendar worth of structure, we're hoping we can bring more groups together to be more inclusive and collaborative.'s Mobile, Marketing and Ecommerce event at Urban Outfitters in 2013.
Here at, we spend a lot of time balancing an understanding of the fast-paced and changing needs of local technology communities against our focused mission to help steady, convene and connect those communities.

We need to stay ahead of the daily news to keep up and have impact, and we’re able to do that with the help of our strong, local reporting teams in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Brooklyn. For us, news is a window into ways that we can, as an organization, also help create change.

We’ve also spent much of the last few years building out a wider mission that is rooted in quality events: the organizing and convening work we do monthly that helps bring people together most.

We believe that events and editorial, together, are multipliers of one another: issues we cover in our online content become discussion points at events; and the actions taken and created at events become news.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our events programming and editorial calendar for next year. We’re aligning these initiatives even closer, further ahead, to help make connections in the community even stronger.

With a full year’s calendar worth of structure, we’re hoping we can bring more groups together to be more inclusive and collaborative.

Have a look at the full calendar here.

We’re most excited about the following:

  • Great monthly programming across all three markets.
  • A bigger Philly Tech Week, Apr. 4 – 12, and a growing Baltimore Innovation Week, Sept. 19 – 28.
  • A summer “Innovation in the Park” speaker series to highlight local technology communities across Philadelphia, Baltimore and Brooklyn.
  • city vs. city civic hacking competition in May.
  • A national event focused on how tech impacts cities in November.
  • Throughout the year, across the corridor: A continued focus on civic hacking.
  • A soft-launch of our Brooklyn events, including a January event focused on a more diverse technology community, as well as events focused on recruiting, digital arts and more.
  • A tech jobs fair in two markets in February: Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Be sure to check out what’s in store for 2014 here.

Projects: Baltimore Innovation Week / Philly Tech Week

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